all4cloud & Microbizz offer holistic solution for more efficient use of (field) service management

Viernheim, Germany, January 22, 2024 – all4cloud & Microbizz offer holistic solution for more efficient use of (field) service management

all4cloud and Microbizz have entered into a technology partnership and, with techserv4cloud, offer companies with technical services in particular a fully integrated business solution for greater transparency and increased efficiency in the use of technical services.

What do you do differently and what sets you apart from other providers?

Detlef Aden (Head of Solution Sales – all4cloud Group) explains:

“With the new holistic business solution, processes in service management are automated and optimised. This cloud solution combines the best of two worlds: an ERP suite including service planning (reactive service, preventive service, condition-based service, contract management, spare parts management, …) with everything that goes with it + digital planning board (scheduling board) and route planning.”

Stefan Heyduschka (CEO Microbizz GmbH):

“The common challenge and motivation is to support companies in their digital transformation. Reducing existing, non-integrated software solutions, standardising/concentrating on a central data platform for the entire company and moving the solution to the cloud.”

all4cloud and Microbizz are companies with high standards. Customers value the experience and understanding of their challenges when it comes to holistic solutions with field services, (field service management), routes & route planning. Naturally combined with the provision of the associated information, transparency and communication. Both all4cloud and Microbizz are specialists (for process optimisation/solutions) where visualisation, automation and implementation of holistic end-to-end processes are important components in the day-to-day business of users and operators.

What has already emerged from this? 

As a first step, the partner companies have focussed on implementing the key requirements in field service management.
The aim is to enable companies to map their entire order and service processes (semi- or) fully automatically.

In addition, Microbizz supplies the planning board for resource, tour and route planning for the scheduling area. all4cloud, as an expert in Cloud ERP, integrates the successful ERP suite “SAP Business ByDesign” including integrated functional extensions for all areas of a service provider that keeps technical systems in operation on behalf of its customers through maintenance and servicing.

What’s next?

Detlef Aden:

“techserv4cloud is being developed further. We have even more ideas on our roadmap. For example: “A weak point of cloud solutions is the often non-existent offline capability.” That’s why we want to integrate a mobile app from Microbizz for the technician’s smartphone or tablet into the overall techserv4cloud solution, which can then also provide all the data and information required offline. We have had the best experiences when we give our customers the opportunity to communicate their requirements to us. This works successfully and ensures that we don’t bypass our customers in development.”

all4cloud & Microbizz bieten ganzheitliche Lösung für effizienteren Einsatz von (Field) Service Management

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