A successful start for the ACLOUDster Alliance

The ACLOUDster Global Alliance has proven its relevance in helping businesses expand internationally.

The ACLOUDster Global Alliance brings together 14 SAP Gold Partners. In March 2020, the Alliance was initiated by Pierre Gueguen (CEO of Ubister, France) and Henrik Hausen (CEO of all4cloud, Germany). Since then, ACLOUDster has successfully established itself. By leveraging the agility and performance of 100% cloud-based management solutions, the alliance has become a valuable partner for the internationalization of its customers. “Our mutual objective was to share our technical and commercial strengths to better support our customers as they upskill,” says Pierre Gueguen, adding that this objective has been reached. The ring of partners was further expanded with the addition of five new partners who are also key players in the deployment of SAP cloud-based solutions in their respective countries.

To discuss the progress of their collaboration, a video conference with the partners is held every two weeks.

The values of sharing, trust, contribution and transparency are shared by all because they are essential. When we tell a French client wishing to set up in Mexico that he will find a competent partner there, we are in a true success strategy for international development initiatives. ~ Pierre Gueguen, CEO of Ubister

ACLOUDster now has over 200 SAP Business ByDesign consultants serving more than 17,000 customers in 40 countries worldwide, and going forward will rely on the latest SAP innovations, such as the S4/HANA public cloud solution, which offers real opportunities for growth.

The alliance includes 14 SAP Gold Partners: Ubister (France); all4cloud (Germany), AlteaUp (Italy), Aiden (Netherlands), Vision 33 (UK), OyS Consultares (Spain), SNAP (Slovakia and Czech Republic), Tech Sonic (China), Vistavu Solutions (Canada and USA), AlfaCloud (Israel), Dintec (Mexico), Stretch (Sweden), Islet (Finland) and Dyflex (Australia).

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