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Every expedition needs the perfect equipment. Here you go: eam4cloud for SAP Business ByDesign

eam4cloud for SAP Business ByDesign pairs the classic functions of a maintenance software with those for goods and warehouse management, without leaving the user interface. This allows you to keep your own facilities or those rented to customers ready for operation and to positively influence your costs or those of your customers. Our SAP certified add-on is also available in the SAP AppStore.

Condition-based maintenance

Condition-based maintenance

Want to keep your machines and systems in working order? Then simply use the meter readings which almost every system provides you with. With SAP Business ByDesign and eam4cloud, you have a clear view of your meter readings. And furthermore: You can even assign these to events. If your system reaches a defined meter reading, your maintenance team receives a message and can, for example, initiate a maintenance task or create a work order.

Fault reporting management

Fault reporting management

Hand on heart: Want a perfectly functioning reporting process? With eam4cloud this works like "clockwork" You can react quickly in case of faults, thus saving time and money. Why? Because all actions are coordinated. The fault message contains all the necessary information so that your maintenance team can draw the correct conclusions. This makes it possible to decide straight away whether a maintenance order is generated or not. Through this integration into your business processes, you can plan and execute the project in no time. Your system is virtually digitized.

Service management

Service management

Convince your customers! If you maintain their systems, use the CRM functions of eam4cloud. This allows you to quickly schedule your customer orders and speed up your invoicing. You can describe the systems, buildings, machines, or vehicles you are managing in detail and optimize them for your customers. In addition, you will be able to plan the deployment of your technicians as well as any marketing or sales activities. A all-round worry-free package for your customers.

IoT sensor integration

IoT sensor integration

New: eam4cloud is capable of communicating with sensors. More and more machines are being equipped with it to report their "state of health". The machine itself notifies the service department by sensor tagging. For example, they are informed at an early stage of an imminent malfunction and can initiate countermeasures. We offer companies technical support and a process model for retrofitting their plants and the systems coupled or to be coupled with them. Our aim is to enable small and medium-sized companies to implement IoT scenarios with sensors and thus advance the digital transformation in maintenance and repair.

Further functionalities

Further functionalities

  • Reporting and analysis (real-time) 
  • Spare parts management
  • Recurring actions 
  • Technical facility description
  • Budgeting
  • Inbound and outbound maintenance
  • Contract management
  • Facility management

The solution in use:

MedTech Medizintechnik Cloud ERP SAP Business ByDesign Deutschland Schweiz Checkliste Whitepaper


  • How maintenance data helps achieve more added value
  • 3 steps to prepare for the digital change
  • 6 aspects that lead to the right software
  • Incl. checklist to verify if the software is future-proof


Set standards with a leading-edge Enterprise Asset Management

Make your maintenance a value-added partner: Want to manage your systems perfectly? Want your maintenance to have a positive impact on your business success? Do you see the opportunity to stand out from the competition? Then you’ve come to the right place. With the Cloud ERP SAP Business ByDesign and our fully integrated add-on eam4cloud, we have an unbeatable combination for you. Do not settle for the status quo, but feel the pioneering spirit. Use our future-oriented enterprise asset management and set new standards with your maintenance. In brief: Get a competitive advantage with state-of-the-art technology and software.

By the way: with eam4cloud you have an officially SAP certified add-on. The “SAP Integration Certification” proves that eam4cloud is seamlessly integrated into the SAP Cloud ERP SAP Business ByDesign via a clean interface.

Rely on a perfect expedition team

With SAP Business ByDesign and our add-on eam4cloud, you have a perfect expedition team. With these two pioneers, you can transform your maintenance into a future-oriented enterprise asset management – on just one interface.

Act with a view to the future

With this modern enterprise asset management, you are making a tremendous leap forward. You plan ahead, control in real-time, reduce downtime, and increase productivity. The systems run smoothly.

Win the race

Go into the lead with eam4cloud. Trends such as Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things can come: You digitize across the board and are well equipped to win this “race” against the competition.

Customer testimonials

These customers have revolutionized their maintenance and service processes with SAP Business ByDesign and eam4cloud. Those are their experiences:

  • We now have a clear and real-time overview of all business processes at all locations where SAP Business ByDesign and eam4cloud are running.

    Thierry Sourisseau Groupe Valantur
  • Purchasing in maintenance has become much more efficient since the implementation of eam4cloud. Because all data is available at a glance, it is easy to determine where synergy effects can be achieved and purchases can be better coordinated.

    Wolfgang Schwarz CEO, Schwarz Tech
  • For TransTank's needs, all4cloud offered us a specially developed add-on for SAP Business ByDesign. This combines the classic functions of maintenance software with those for goods and inventory management - without leaving the user interface. Now we have the perfect basis to operate our maintenance and servicing at the highest level.

    Jörg Steinborn Terminal Manager, TransTank GmbH

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