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More than 200 midsize companies trust us and SAP’s leading Cloud ERP solution: SAP Business ByDesign. We convince our customers with our elaborate understanding of processes, expertise in each and every industry and a unique Cloud DNA.

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With the use of a powerful Cloud ERP, you can fully concentrate on your business growth in the environment of medium-sized businesses. Thanks to reliable real-time information, you gain valuable competitive advantages and hence respond to market changes appropiately.

As a medium-sized company, you are constantly busy optimising your business processes, winning new customers and reacting quickly to changing conditions or enquiries. Luckily, SAP Cloud ERP Business ByDesign is always scalable and hence can support your business optimally.


With an efficient Cloud ERP, you map all processes in such a way that no resources are wasted. Additionally, you save high investment costs in software and servers, simply by opting for a cloud solution for medium-sized businesses.


A modern Cloud ERP is a nice thing. The motto here is: rent instead of buy. When using a modern Cloud ERP, you only pay for the functional areas that you really need. In addition, there are only one-time costs for the implementation as well as the use of industry-specific add-ons.


Not only the Cloud ERP solution, but also the partner who supports you during the implementation should fit your expectations perfectly. When making your choice, pay attention to competence, customer orientation, experience, personality and future orientation – and of course, do not forget yout gut feeling. The chemistry must be right!


The market for Cloud ERP providers is getting bigger than ever. Here you get a quick and easy overview of the top 5 Cloud ERP providers.


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Integrating processes with Cloud ERP

SAP Business ByDesign brings all of your business processes on the same platform. Best practice processes that build on each other ensure the integration of all functional areas. The stylish interface is intuitive to use and the views can be individually configured according to user type.

Marketing & CRM

Marketing & CRM

Turn marketing and sales into an optimal team: with well-engineered lead generation and qualification.

  • Use personalized customer information for effective campaigns
  • Support sales in lead generation and qualification
  • Profit from email marketing integrations
Sales & CRM

Sales & CRM

Identify sales potential more quickly, win customers and retain them in the long term.

  • Automate time-consuming sales processes and concentrate on interacting with your prospects
  • Optimize your account management and intensify your customer relationships
  • Full transparency from initial contact to invoicing
Project Management

Project Management

Make it easy for your teams to monitor projects of any size and implement them successfully and profitably.

  • Project planning/implementation using structured project plans, resource allocation and project-related procurement functions
  • More efficient project management from simple cost collectors to comprehensive planning and work projects
  • Optimized collaboration and easy integration of external resources
  • Project reports at the push of a button
  • Correct and clear project accounting
Sourcing & Procurement

Sourcing & Procurement

Your information on suppliers, products and prices is always up-to-date and accessible. Decisions and processes gain in quality and speed. Thanks to:

  • Automated self-service functions and approval processes
  • Central administration of supplier and product information
  • Automation of stock determination activities
  • Automated creation of purchase orders, for invoice verification as well as for identifying duplicates and variances in invoices
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Manufacture your products efficiently, optimize your production line control and automate the associated processes.

  • Lucratively manage production preparation and planning through optimized release processes for production orders
  • Production management and feedback for more control
  • Quality assurance through sophisticated quality control processes and the definition of corrective and preventive measures
  • Optimize communication and information exchange
Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance & Repair

Make your maintenance a value-added partner.

  • You can plan ahead, control in real time, reduce downtime and increase productivity.
  • Keep your own systems or those rented to customers operational and positively influence your costs or those of your customers
  • Our Enterprise Asset Management solution eam4cloud is seamlessly integrated into SAP Business ByDesign
  • Realization of IoT scenarios, e. g. with sensors, is feasible
Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Lean app, fat benefits: scan4cloud is the fuel for more process velocity in your warehouse and production facilities.

  • Native Integration with SAP Business ByDesign
  • More transparency and efficiency
  • Reduction of error rates
  • Barcode configuration included
  • Less administration and paper, more "yeah"
  • Cascading offline functionality
  • Intuitive operation
Service & Support

Service & Support

Keep your customers' assets up and running and move your maintenance processes to the cloud.

  • Plan your resources and maintenance measures optimally
  • Your employees have all information on spare parts or maintenance orders at hand
  • You provide your services completely to the customer- or plant-related - from order to receipt of payment with a 360° view
  • Use a mobile ERP solution including integrated service management and relieve your customers
Accounting & Finance

Accounting & Finance

You always have a uniform and up-to-date overview - across all divisions and national borders.

  • Fully integrated management of external and internal accounting
  • Cash flow management
  • Easy management of your taxes
  • Real-time reports
  • Company-wide standardized accounting
  • Country-specific accounting standards
Human Resources

Human Resources

You want productive and satisfied employees? Simplify your HR processes in the cloud:

  • Personnel Administration
  • Time and Attendance Management
  • Vacation and Travel Expenses
  • HR Self-Services
  • Wage and Salary Accounting
  • Requests and Approvals
Corporate Performance

Corporate Performance

Streamline processes. Maximize transparency. Integrated control of corporate divisions.

  • Control at the touch of a button: All important business processes on one dashboard
  • Quick decisions and actions with the Business in Focus App
  • Minimize administrative processes = maximum concentration on the core business for you and your employees
  • Process approvals quickly on the go - with the Manager Approval App

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  • First impressions
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What our customers say

  • With SAP Cloud ERP - SAP Business ByDesign, I can manage everything from anywhere and device independent. If a customer wants to place an order, I call up the currently available warehouse capacities in real time and provide reliable information in no time.

    Andreas Fischer
    Andreas Fischer AIM Micro Systems
  • The decision was the right one in our situation. Stakeholder expectations were met, the changeover effort was manageable, and we now have a solid foundation for further growth.

    Gerrit Essmann
    Gerrit Essmann STF Group
  • We eventually opted for SAP Business ByDesign which provides all the advantages of an integrated ERP solution. We made a conscious decision to choose the cloud because it does not incur any costs for hosting and maintenance, and the scope of functionalities is perfect for us.

    Thierry Sourisseau Head of IT, Groupe Valantur
  • Increased productivity, significantly higher sales or even the simplification of our processes with a simultaneous increase in process reliability - the benefits of the implementation are obvious for us.

    Hakan Ög
    Hakan Ög Edgar Schall GmbH
  • Elmatec is one of the first medium-sized companies to switch to an Cloud ERP solution. The system runs reliably and we were able to reduce the goods throughput time by 60 percent.

    Christian Mäs ELMATEC Elektromaterial und Schaltschrankservice GmbH

Request a free live demo with a Cloud ERP expert now.

  • Questions answered immediately, live
  • Tour of the system
  • First impressions
  • You get to know us 🙂

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