Intralogistics expert for industrial plants SAMONT on the move with SAP Cloud ERP

SAMONT is an internationally active technical service provider for the installation, expansion and modernisation of industrial plants with a focus on intralogistics technology: systems for transporting, sorting, assembling, storing and shipping goods, parcels and luggage.

Users of this often kilometre-long and multi-storey technology are online retailers such as Amazon, parcel service providers such as UPS, retail companies such as Spar and airports such as Berlin and Zurich. The workforce currently numbers around 110, with technical capacity being supplemented on a project-by-project basis from a qualified partner network.

The company has grown strongly in recent years and has received several awards from the business magazine Focus and the Financial Times for its strong growth. The current turnover amounts to 32.5 million euros. The central location is Paderborn, with branches in Brühl and Mettmann.

SAMONT - Techniker bei der Arbeit

Customers expect to be able to interact with SAMONT in real time and receive customised, performance-oriented services. The employees, in turn, want a modern working environment and relief from repetitive administrative tasks so that they can concentrate on their core tasks.

The existing IT structure could no longer meet these requirements. Due to the strong growth of the company in recent years, it has developed into a heterogeneous system and process landscape with a high proportion of individualised isolated solutions and process variants.

The insufficient standardisation sometimes leads to increased effort for employees. In addition, media disruptions between paper-based and digital processing impair process efficiency.

Against this backdrop, the trend-setting decision for a comprehensive transformation of the company was made in 2022. It is based on a fundamental realignment of the entire system landscape according to a pure greenfield approach. The core of these measures is the introduction of an ERP platform according to the motto “Cloud first” in order to strengthen customer orientation and integrate customers, partners and suppliers along the entire value chain.

The goal of the transformation is to create the conditions for sustainable and profitable growth. The basis for this are resilient, scalable and digital processes that meet the different needs of SAMONT’s employees and customers and create the framework conditions for an agile and flexible company.


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SAMONT wants to consistently implement its ambitious goals and, after a holistic evaluation process, has decided to implement the modern cloud-native ERP platform SAP Business ByDesign. We are very pleased to be able to accompany the process as an implementation partner.

Both ByD and all4cloud were able to convince in comparison to the competitors. all4cloud has proven to be a partner at eye level during all phases of the selection process, offering a clear value proposition. Our company highly appreciates all4cloud’s expertise in the specific concerns of a technical service provider.

We are particularly impressed by all4cloud’s customer-oriented culture, which is based on a living ‘client-first’ philosophy. We place great value on adherence to deadlines and reliability, and all4cloud has put these qualities at the forefront of what they do.

Muamer Dacic, Executive Advisor at SAMONT

For SAMONT, the implementation of SAP Business ByDesign represents a lighthouse project that will pave the way for further transformation.

As an established cloud-native ERP platform, SAP Business ByDesign scores particularly well with SAMONT due to

  • the broad spectrum of best-practice processes, which can also be used internationally, with a strong focus on medium-sized, service-oriented service companies.
  • fast implementation processes thanks to standardised functions that cover 80% of SAMONT’s requirements profile.
  • the flexible and expandable platform based on SAP as well as the availability of diverse usable extension functions and add-ons from the SAP ecosystem.
SAMONT - Produktionsstrecke

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