Webinar: Increase efficiency with a warehouse app for SAP Business ByDesign

Accelerate enterprise resource planning & your internal logistics processes

It’s really easy with the help of a mobile warehouse app and the SAP Cloud ERP SAP Business ByDesign. However, many medium-sized companies still operate their warehouses within merchandise management without scanner support. Warehouse processes, from goods receipt through storage and retrieval to the relocation of goods, are often characterized by manual data entry.

Chaos, incorrect storage, long search times, waste of paper, a high expenditure of time to trace and correct errors – and sometimes even documents disappeared.

According to one of our customers, this was his situation in the warehouse – before he came to us and discovered scan4cloud for his warehouse.

Ready to use within one day – direct connection to your ERP

Many providers offer solutions, including mobile solutions. Often complex and costly to implement. Our solution is ready for use within one day. In our webinar you will get to know our mobile warehouse solution which is seamlessly connected to SAP Business ByDesign.

This webinar is perfect for you if:

  • You work for or lead a company that has its own warehouse
  • You and your team want to optimize your internal logistics processes
  • You’re a fan of user friendly apps that make your worklife easier

What you are going to learn in this webinar:

  • Scan barcodes on goods or products via smartphone (or other devices) and transfer them to the ERP system
  • How the app works both online and offline
  • How the task management of warehouse employees works much faster
  • What is important to increase overall efficiency in your warehouse

More than 4,000 companies worldwide already use the Cloud ERP Suite SAP Business ByDesign. This enables them to control all their business processes and procedures reliably and with tried and tested procedures. In the warehouse itself, SAP Business ByDesign customers like to use the mobile warehouse app scan4cloud. Storage, relocations, withdrawals and also all accruing inventories are accelerated. The data from your warehouse can be viewed in real time and from any location in the ERP system.

Secure your participation in this webinar. Our experts will show you how mobile warehouse management works with scan4cloud and SAP Business ByDesign.