Stedy Gwürz optimizes warehouse with scan4cloud

For more transparency and efficiency: Stedy Gwürz optimizes SAP Business ByDesign with scan4cloud

Stedy Gwürz AG from Weinfelden in Switzerland sells marinades and spices – including, for example, “s’original Härdöpfel Gwürz”. In response to continued business growth, the company implemented the SAP Business ByDesign cloud ERP platform back in 2013 for easy administration of its entire business processes. Today, customers expect fast deliveries and this has a particular impact on the warehouse. With the scan4cloud warehouse app, Stedy Gwürz has been able to further optimize the system together with all4cloud

  • Automated and digitized processes in the warehouse make everyday work easier
  • Transparent process chains in the entire warehouse management ensure greater employee satisfaction


Two tons of the delicious spice mixtures leave the warehouse of Stedy Gwürz AG every day – either in large quantities to many Swiss supermarket chains or in smaller containers via the online store directly to the end consumer. Keeping a cool head and an overview is essential with the quantity of products – from the delivery of raw materials to production and shipping. An app on the mobile scanner devices now supports the warehouse staff in this task.

Raw Pork Loin chops marinated meat Steak for bbq on wooden table
All spice mixtures are made according to the same recipe as back then and also with the same stirring machines


  • Move away from manual processes: Simplify, automate and digitize processes
  • Minimize sources of error
  • Make inventory 100 percent consistent and transparent
  • Replace isolated applications with user-friendly, integrated IT system
  • Enable business intelligence analyses

Definitive methods to increase warehouse efficiency.

Every warehouse is different and should be managed with a unique, customized solution. In our guide, we reveal how to organize your warehouse through an inventory management system with virtually no errors.

  • Determination of the warehouse layout
  • Optimization of warehouse locations
  • Optimization of employee productivity
  • Integration of processes in ERP

Digitization of processes made further solution necessary

Stedy Gwürz wanted to work with scanners in the warehouse back in 2013 when they introduced their SAP Business ByDesign solution. Valentin Stettler, Managing Director at the spice manufacturer, was on the lookout for a suitable solution right from the start – and found it somewhat unconventionally via YouTube: “During my research, I became aware of all4lcoud’s interview with petZEBA. petZEBA, as a Swiss company, is struggling with similar challenges to ours. When asked, the CEO there informed me about the implementation of scan4cloud. After his positive feedback, I became even more curious – and then I immediately contacted all4cloud.”


SAP Business ByDesign & scan4cloud in use

Within a few days, all4cloud was able to integrate the scan4cloud solution into Stedy Gwürz’s existing ERP system. “We used to ‘trick’ our SAP system,” recalls Valentin Stettler: “The processes continued to run manually. This was very cumbersome and always caused errors.” All that has improved with scan4cloud – three colleagues work with the solution and ensure continuous and transparent process chains.

Our expectations of all4cloud have been far exceeded. Never before have we been so focused on taking a step forward every day. We have become more transparent and more digital. The collaboration is an important milestone in our company’s history and helps us to continue to provide our customers and fans with the quality they are used to.” – Valentin Stettler, Managing Director Stedy Gwürz AG –


• Fast implementation
• ensures user comfort & fun
• accelerates business processes
• minimizes sources of error
• is time and cost efficient
• unifies all processes: from customer order to delivery

stedy gwürz logo transparent - scan4cloud-kunde

S’Original Härdöpfel Gwürz is just one of the many spices that leave the warehouse of the Swiss Stedy Gwürz AG every day. To ensure that this runs smoothly, the company relies on the latest technology: SAP Business ByDesign and the scan4cloud warehouse app developed by all4cloud.

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