Selecting and introducing a future proof enterprise asset management

How maintenance and data helps achieve more added value

Maintenance is extremely important and despite this it doesn’t get the attention that it needs and deserves. Often, if everything goes according to plan, its necessity is often questioned.

“What do we actually need them for?” can often been heard. And in case something goes wrong – you can probably imagine – you’ll hear: “What do they actually do all day?”. No doubt: That doesn’t do the maintenance department justice. Therefore, what can be done? What does the maintenance department have to do in order to clarify and improve their position within the company? It’s easy: As other areas of the company, they must also play their part in the value creation process! It must raise the asset management to an entirely new development level: Instead of reacting, it must act. Instead of just planning, the department must plan proactively. It can’t just be along for the ride; it must be a protagonist!

Digitalization and industry 4.0 provide feed

Driving forces are required for this. And these are available. In the coming years, digitalization and Industry 4.0 will determine the agenda and will provide the required feed. Why? Because not just the requirements are increasing, but also the opportunities. In future, maintenance employees will no longer just have technical skills, but will also need to handle data correctly. When it comes to maintenance, you, your employees, and your management will also be forced to think and act in DIGITAL terms.

3 steps to prepare for the digital change

You only have to take three steps in order to prepare yourself for digital change:

  • Step 1: Create new structures – in order to network systems, production, and maintenance.
  • Step 2: Integrate your maintenance functions into the company processes. You reduce downtime and
    costs while increasing the production and lifetime of your equipment.
  • Step 3: Collect and analyze your data

These 6 aspects lead to the right software

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