petZEBA: advanced process speed thanks to Cloud ERP & warehouse app

Successful in intralogistics – with Cloud ERP and automated warehouse management

The family-run Swiss company petZEBA AG has been successfully marketing Josera dog, cat and horse food in Switzerland since 2006. It also produces and sells innovative products under its brand kyli, such as insect-based dog food. Besides, there are various accessories such as toys, beds, mats and much more. With the use of the Cloud ERP platform SAP Business ByDesign complemented by the warehouse app scan4cloud, a new era of process speed has developed for the company:

  • scalable ERP solution that will successfully accompany the company into the future
  • integrated cooperation of the individual departments
  • Overview of the entire value chain

The way to more intelligent processes

We visited the CEO of petZEBA in Switzerland, to experience the full impact of the Cloud ERP SAP Business ByDesign in cooperation with the innovative warehouse management app scan4cloud: the management of challenging inventory tasks and the seamless integration into the ERP system led to clear and measurable successes.

SAP Business ByDesign & scan4cloud in action

Strong cooperation: petZEBA introduced SAP Business ByDesign together with our Swiss partner company Agilita. However, to make the transformation holistic, an essential component was missing: Some sort of application for the employees in the warehouse. Hence, Agilita and petZEBA turned to our team at all4cloud: and the combination of SAP Business ByDesign and scan4cloud was convincing and promising:

  • Integration of processes from financial accounting and sales, through the warehouse to the field service
  • Warehouse management via mobile app
  • Internal analysis and structured evaluation of all data for well-founded decisions

SAP Business ByDesign is the core of our digital transformation. Thanks to the warehouse app scan4cloud, our warehouse staff now has round-the-clock access to the latest inventory data. This enables us to optimize our logistics and deliver products faster.

-Kilian Zemp, CEO of petZEBA AG


  • Integrated processes: All applications are networked together
  • More process speed
  • A solid basis for international growth
  • Automated processes – especially in logistics
  • better and simplified warehouse management
  • Digital and location-independent inventory
SAP Business ByDesign all4cloud petzeba kunde

High-quality products and good service – of course word gets around. Meanwhile, petZEBA now has  customers all over Europe. Recently, a new location was opened in Germany, too. The rapid company growth made one thing clear: a scalable ERP solution with integrated warehouse management was needed.

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