Valantur: Maintenance 4.0 – With Cloud ERP into the future

Highly efficient maintenance from the cloud leads to success

Groupe Valantur creates end-to-end business processes with SAP Business ByDesign and eam4cloud, paving the way for the world of maintenance 4.0. The French group of companies from the mechanical engineering industry has four companies at nine locations. In order to continue to grow, Valantur is gradually moving its business processes to the cloud. To do this, the group is relying on the Cloud ERP Platform SAP Business ByDesign and recently also on our maintenance solution eam4cloud at two locations – with success:

  • Transparent overview of the machines – in real-time
  • Leaner work processes
  • The cloud ERP SAP Business ByDesign and the maintenance solution eam4cloud are seamlessly linked

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Maintenance 4.0, that means: data in real-time, systematically, clearly

Manufacturing individual mechanical components and assembling them into finished products: Valantur‘s customers include companies in the aerospace, petrochemical and medical industries. Groupe Valantur’s system landscape is complex. Until now, it has consisted of a variety of different ERP solutions, which were added when companies were acquired. For this reason, it was difficult – in some cases even impossible – to store data and information from the entire group in a uniform and structured manner so that it could be exchanged and evaluated.


  • Replace several isolated applications with an integrated process platform – across all branches
  • Integration of manufacturing, management, and accounting
  • Better insight into stock levels within the group
  • Extension of the ERP platform for industry-specific requirements in maintenance & repair: eam4cloud

SAP Business ByDesign and eam4cloud in action

  • The eam4cloud is a fully integrated add-on solution for SAP Business ByDesign: Users work on their familiar interface
  • Efficient implementation: quickly back in daily business
  • Clearly defined work steps increase productivity
  • Cross-company and cross-location inventory management
  • Cloud brings many advantages e.g. transparent rent, no costs for hosting and maintenance

Finally, we chose SAP Business ByDesign, which offers all the benefits of an integrated ERP solution. We also made a conscious decision for the cloud because there are no costs for hosting and maintenance and the scope of functionality is appropriate for us.

– Thierry Sourisseau, Head of IT, Groupe Valantur


  • The employees receive a precise, visual overview of which materials (at which subsidiary) are available
  • The ability to place orders to suppliers can be directly through the ERP system
  • Help in planning and tracking machine and plant repair tasks with eam4cloud
  • Maintenance planning with real-time data
  • Reduction of inventories (up to 30%)
  • Customer satisfaction increases: Order processing is much faster
  • Work steps can be summarized: Work is simplified, training costs are reduced, productivity is increased
SAP Business ByDesign all4cloud Valantur Kunde Hersteller Maschine

The French Groupe Valantur is gradually moving its business processes to the cloud. To do this, the group is relying on the cloud ERP platform SAP Business ByDesign and at two locations also on our maintenance solution eam4cloud. Thus, Valantur’s maintenance processes are fully integrated and harmonized with the business processes of the other departments.

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Detlef Aden, Head of Business Development & Channel, all4cloud SAP Cloud ERP experts