How scan4cloud logistics optimizes your warehouse

It affects both small and large warehouses: In many cases, people still work with pen and paper.
Everyone can imagine that potentially many errors can occur.
The consequences are not insignificant: time-consuming error corrections, incorrect or incomplete deliveries and unreliable stock levels lead to reduced productivity, dissatisfied customers and avoidable direct and indirect costs.

To eliminate this problem, we developed scan4cloud logistics for SAP Business ByDesign, which enables digital and mobile data capture.

scan4cloud is an app for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laser scanners that enables users to view and edit logistics tasks
on the go and capture important data via scan (or touch)
. As the user is guided through the respective process and the data
(product, quantity, storage location, target storage location) is securely entered via scan of corresponding barcodes/QR codes/etc.,
incorrect entries are eliminated. The captured data is seamlessly synchronized with SAP Business ByDesign and is immediately available for further processing.

Logistics process in the standard WITHOUT scan4cloud*

*The process graphic represents the standard process and serves as an illustration. This may differ from your process.

Errors can potentially occur at several points in this manual pen-and-paper process.
Experience shows that the greatest sources of error are in the manual recording of data (e.g., during picking) and in the manual transfer of this data to SAP Business ByDesign.

It can happen that the wrong, too few, or too many items are removed from the shelves, and this is only noticed during stocktaking or – particularly annoying – at the customer’s premises. This leads to avoidable extra work, unnecessary costs and possibly the loss of a customer.

Moreover, the manual data transfer into the system is often carried out by third parties.
This can lead to time-consuming queries due to illegible writing or, in the worst case, to incorrect data in the system.

Logistics process WITH scan4cloud*

*The process graphic represents a fully digital process with scan4cloud. A mixed use with scan4cloud and paper is also feasible.

An error-prone, analog process has become a fully digital process:
After the corresponding process has been triggered in SAP Business ByDesign – such as the creation of an order and subsequent delivery release or an inventory – the user conveniently selects the task on his end device in the app and executes it.
(A detailed overview of the supported tasks can be found further down in the article.)

Tasks that have been marked as urgent in SAP Business ByDesign are given a corresponding icon in the scan4cloud app,
so that the user can see directly which task should be processed next.

Notes that have been added specifically to the order or an item of the order by the sales department in SAP Business ByDesign,
for example, can also be viewed. In this way, special information or instructions can be communicated to warehouse personnel.

If certain teams are to be mapped in the warehouse, users can be grouped in a defined logistic task folder, which,
for example, should only be able to select and process goods issue tasks.
In addition, a task can be assigned directly to a warehouse employee from SAP Business ByDesign.

Already during the corresponding activity, be it picking, inventory, stock transfer or others, the required data is digitally captured with the handheld device and synchronized with your SAP Business ByDesign system. This ensures maximum data actuality and empowers, for example, the sales team to make reliable statements about product availability or the purchasing team to procure discontinued items or components in a timely manner.

Since it is no longer necessary to print out the relevant task and this also eliminates the manual transfer of data back into the system, you not only minimize the risk of something being transferred incorrectly or not at all, but also protect the environment at the same time.

As you have probably already realized, scan4cloud solves all the potential problems of paper-based data capture described above
and ensures that human errors are less likely.

In summary, the following benefits can be identified:

  • Less paperwork thanks to digital solution
  • Reduced error rate
  • High data quality and -actuality

And this leads to:

  • Increased customer and employee satisfaction
  • Increased productivity
  • Reliable inventory levels
  • Protection of the environment

For which tasks can scan4cloud be used

In general, scan4cloud can be used for all tasks in your intralogistics. This ranges from tasks in incoming and outgoing goods, to internal tasks such as counting tasks or goods movements and to the supply of components for production.
A live stockoverview per storage location for all items directly from the app rounds off the range of functions.

By the way: scan4cloud supports 1- and 2-step goods receipt and issue.

The perfect duo - scan4cloud for your logistics and production

Get an exclusive insight in scan4cloud and find out
what makes scan4cloud logistics and scan4cloud production the perfect duo!

Find out how scan4cloud enables digital data capture on mobile devices
and sustainably optimizes the processes in your warehouse and production.

Download the free online-demo now!

scan4cloud Online-Demo

Getting started with scan4cloud

If you think that getting started with scan4cloud costs a lot of time and money, I can reassure you.
We will install scan4cloud on your system within 3 business days.

The license fee is based on the “named-user” model, as you already know it from SAP Business ByDesign. This means you only pay for the number of users you actually need.
A license includes not only the use of the scan4cloud service, but also direct support from all4cloud and future updates.
New functions are therefore available to you directly after the release!

Thanks to the intuitive user interface, your employees will be able to use the app without training after just a few minutes.
Currently, we also support many languages that each user can choose individually for themselves on their device.

What our customers say

SAP Business ByDesign is the core of our digital transformation. The simple mobile app scan4cloud enables our warehouse employees to access the latest warehouse data around the clock. This enables us to optimize our logistics and deliver products faster.

Kilian Zemp, CEO petZEBA AG

In these growth industries, speed is what counts for us. It is therefore extremely important to identify the right parts in the warehouse and deliver them to the customer as quickly as possible. With scan4cloud we have not only found a perfectly suitable solution for Binder – with which we are very satisfied – but it has also exceeded our expectations.

Benjamin Petermann, CFO Binder USA

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