FRANKA EMIKA: More time for essentials

Cloud ERP SAP Business ByDesign supports innovation & growth

Robots are still considered expensive and complicated to handle. With its intelligent robot assistance system Franka Emika Robot, the Munich start-up FRANKA EMIKA proves the opposite. The cloud ERP solution SAP Business ByDesign supports the robot specialist in driving innovative processes and growth. The results speak for themselves:

  • Integrated process platform: successfully managing 400% company growth
  • Economically appropriate: The solution is very cost-efficient thanks to the rental model
  • Automated processes – the company remains agile
  • A balancing act between growth and agility mastered

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Technology and people – together into the future with SAP Business ByDesign

Franka Emika Robot is the name of the first sensitive and adaptive robot arm in lightweight construction from FRANKA EMIKA. The intelligent assistant can learn motor skills autonomously and has a distinct intuition. It can therefore also be used for tasks that require a high degree of precision and fine motor skills – such as sensitive plugging and screwing as well as tasks in the areas of testing, inspection, and assembly. The motto:

We want to make robots affordable and accessible for everyone,

explains Dr. Simon Haddadin, CEO and co-founder of FRANKA EMIKA.

Challenges and opportunities

  • Since 2017, the number of employees has grown fourfold. While this means more manpower, it also causes significant growth pain when it comes to further optimize processes and remaining agile
  • Lucrative and meaningful partnerships need to be established in order to maintain the focus on development
  • To create affordable robot technology, costs must be kept within reasonable limits

Why Cloud ERP SAP Business ByDesign?

  • SAP Business ByDesign automates, centralizes, and simplifies time-consuming processes
  • Connects all business units and makes them very easy to manage
  • The cloud solution is relatively inexpensive and easy to use

At FRANKA EMIKA, SAP Business ByDesign allows us to do what we do best: Drive innovation and ensure our growth,

emphasizes Haddadin.


  • Company growth without having to make concessions in other areas such as further research
  • Automation of administrative processes, so that the focus can remain on development and no unnecessary costs are incurred
  • Simplified budget and project planning
  • Instead of struggling with administrative processes, the employees of FRANKA EMIKA now have more time to develop new approaches and products in the field of robotics
SAP Business ByDesign all4cloud Franke Emika Kunde

For FRANKA EMIKA it was obvious: in order to promote innovative processes and growth, the cloud ERP solution SAP Business ByDesign must be used. With its intelligent Franka Emika Robot assistance system, the Munich-based start-up company proves that robots do not necessarily have to be expensive and complicated – just like the right cloud ERP.

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