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Error rates now close to zero: binder scores with warehouse app scan4cloud

One of the world-leading suppliers of circular connectors, the Franz Binder GmbH & Co. Elektrische Bauelemente KG, Neckarsulm, Germany, has recently started using the mobile warehouse app scan4cloud at its Camarillo location. It is seamlessly integrated into SAP Business ByDesign and relieves the workload of warehouse as well as office employees. The solution was developed and implemented by all4cloud, a 100 % Cloud Company based in Viernheim, Germany. The warehouse app simplifies and accelerates all warehouse processes and is easy and intuitive to handle. Furthermore, scan4cloud ensures that the warehouse management error rate is now close to zero. A convincing result – especially when considering that binder manages over 10,000 different plug connections in stock, the differences between which are usually not visible to the naked eye.

With several finished parts leaving the binder branch in Camarillo daily for their customers, every process must run smoothly. They are mostly designed for the automation, sensor, and medical sectors and have very individual demands.

In these growth industries, velocity is what counts. Therefore, it is of tremendous importance for us to identify the correct parts in the warehouse and get them to the customer as quickly as possible

says Benjamin Petermann, CFO at Binder-USA. The mobile warehouse app scan4cloud developed by the Viernheim-based SAP specialist all4cloud makes it possible. Developed on the SAP Cloud Platform, it is distinguished by a direct link to the Cloud ERP suite SAP Business ByDesign.

Data exchange in real time

In Camarillo, Binder-USA receives an average of 60 orders per day. The company dispatches around 2,500 shipments from there each month. Once a warehouse employee receives the task to pick goods for a delivery, everything takes its course quite quick and easy: the delivery note, provided by the customer service, is sent directly to their smartphone. They now have everything they need to begin with order picking. With the scan4cloud warehouse app on their smartphone, they make their way to the requested goods’ storage location. After having “picked up” the order, they report it via the app’s ‘Take’ button, which automatically and in real time books the removal in SAP Business ByDesign. Product number, quantity, and warehouse location are also automatically registered.

Approx. 60 orders per day, around 2,500 shipments each month.

The same goes for incoming goods. They, however, are booked as stock. If the warehouse location has already been populated into SAP Business ByDesign, the app will point the way. Otherwise, the employees can decide for themselves where to store the incoming goods. Using the warehouse app, they scan their selected storage location and transmit it to SAP Business ByDesign. All these processes work both on- and offline. If the network connection in the warehouse should fail, all tasks and data will be synchronized as soon as it reconnects.

Fully integrated, reliable, and perfect

Binder-USA profits from the completely integrated cloud solution. There are no more manual data transfers. Today’s solution works fully integrated, and all data in the cloud is accessible. All processes are transparent and can be tracked in real time. Every employee is precisely lead through the process, is acquainted with the status, and always knows which steps are next. This is not only time-saving. With the scanner-supported process of the mobile warehouse app, the identification of the right goods now is significantly easier. The result: with scan4cloud, the warehouse management error rate is close to zero. An outcome that is anything but self-evident since Binder-USA offers more than 10,000 products, of which the specifications are hardly recognizable to the naked eye. Petermann:

We have not only found the perfect solution for us in scan4cloud, with which we are very satisfied, but it has also exceeded our expectations.

The solution grows with new requirements

The co-development between binder and all4cloud was especially distinct in this project. The advancement of the cloud ERP solution proceeded cooperatively and on an equal footing. So the company, along with the all4cloud SAP consultants, ran numerous tests to sound out which areas of the standard software needed to be adjusted to meet individual requirements. For instance, the test team came across the fact that the binder barcodes have spaces. The material numbers in SAP Business ByDesign, however, can only be recognized with hyphens. Therefore, the project team has quickly programmed a logic with which the scanner now can replace the barcode blanks with hyphens and has thereby expanded the solution. Project manager Maru Vera Putz praises the exemplary co-development, from which prospective users will profit as well:

The all4cloud experts have had the ball at their feet at all times and have met our requirements completely. We would do everything the same way again

Hence, binder toys with the idea to introduce the warehouse app in further locations as well. The other branches are somewhat smaller than the Camarillo one and are not yet familiar with the scanner-supported process. Petermann and Vera Putz are sure: “If we continue to grow in the medium-term, the use of scan4cloud will offer additional values there, too”. With all4cloud, binder not only has the provider of an efficient warehouse app on its side but also a verified expert for SAP Business ByDesign.

SAP Business ByDesign all4cloud binder kunde

Kurzprofil binder

binder is a traditional, owner-operated family enterprise and one of the market leaders in the area of circular connectors. The binder Group with its headquarters in Neckarsulm (Germany) employs 1.400 employees worldwide. The binder Group includes 14 affiliated companies.
The range of products is large. Realising individual customer wishes is one of the greatest strengths of binder. binder products include connectors for agricultural and construction machinery, signalling systems, medical technology, measurement and control as well as sensor and automation technologies. LED lighting rounds out the product portfolio.

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