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For some time now everyone has been talking about the Industrial Internet of Things. Do you remember it? That was similar with “the cloud”. First of all, people talk about it for a long time, the articles on the net are increasing in number. Benefits and risks are discussed. Now the topic has reached the masses and the actual demand for cloud solutions is rising continuously. In 2017, two thirds of all companies (66 percent) used computing power from the cloud (see “Cloud Monitor 2018”; Bitkom Research GmbH, KPMG AG; 2018).

How much pioneering spirit do you have?

If you want to be among the pioneers, you should start your IoT project now at the latest. “Machine to service, machine to service”, this could soon be heard in the production halls of medium-sized companies. Because even the smallest interruptions in production have noticeable consequences. The output of goods can often no longer be maintained, and often there is a threat of financial loss. Here, IIoT is just the thing to efficiently control production and intelligently integrate the means of production. IIoT has the potential to improve quality management, compliance, traceability and manufacturing intelligence. Machines, sensors and condition monitoring systems operate in their own very heterogeneous world. Connecting this world with an ERP system allows undreamt-of increases in efficiency. This also increases the degree of automation and digitization in almost all business processes. The “Cloud Automation Excellence” study has already determined that German companies want to significantly increase the level of automation from 36 percent today to 58 percent.

Take the first step and request your copy of our Industrial IoT recipe right away. Get to know the most important ingredients, software and hardware components for your IoT project step by step. Our tips and information will help you.

Delicious: The Industrial IoT recipe

Everyone likes it: an intelligent combination of integrated software tools and cost-efficient retrofit offers. You can find out how to mix these ingredients in the recipe. Download your IIoT recipe now:

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  • "Pimp my shopfloor": Step by step preparation for IoT
  • Structure of the integration of ERP, EAM and IoT in detail - simply explained
  • 13 practical tips to help you
  • Contact to software and retrofit experts
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