AIM Micro Systems: Benefits from the intelligent Cloud ERP

The Life Science industry acts automated & transparent

Customized, miniaturized and complex optoelectronic modules and micro-optical components: This is the sophisticated product world in which the life science company AIM Micro Systems GmbH specializes. For the sensitive end products, the company has to meet the highest requirements from planning, through production, to storage. With SAP Cloud ERP – SAP Business ByDesign we at AIM Micro Systems have implemented an intelligent solution – and it has its reasons:

  • The processes can now be mapped transparently, efficiently and consistently
  • The Cloud ERP platform can be connected to different companies and is intuitive to operate
  • High functional coverage of group requirements (e.g. reporting)

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The specialty market demands a powerful Cloud ERP solution: AIM relies on SAP Business ByDesign

The requirements in the specialty market in which AIM Micro Systems operates are high, which is why the search for a powerful Cloud ERP solution became inevitable. The necessary flexibility in the target markets must be ensured and the project and series business must be completely mapped. After all, the company produces samples and small series but also covers volume production if required.

Challenges & opportunities

  • Manual and lengthy evaluation of stock levels = more difficult information for customers and production
  • Reduction of manual processes and manual data collection
  • Mapping of stock levels – it must also be possible to post semi-finished products to stock
  • The system is designed to automate processes for series production and support the entire daily business

SAP Business ByDesign & scan4cloud in action

  • Complete inventories can be mapped exactly: Employees now also post semi-finished products to stock
  • SAP Business ByDesign automates many production variant processes
  • The new Cloud ERP solution supports and relieves the entire daily business
  • Processes in financial accounting and controlling interlock seamlessly and automatically

With SAP Cloud ERP – SAP Business ByDesign, I can manage everything from anywhere, regardless of device. If a customer wants to place an order, I call up the currently available warehouse capacities in real-time and provide reliable information in no time at all.

– Andreas Fischer, CEO of AIM Micro Systems GmbH


  • Use of the solution independent of location – everything can be controlled from any device
  • Easy access to external employees
  • Standardized processes for goods requirement slips, expense reports, and monthly statements
  • Simple integration of reporting within the group
SAP Business ByDesign all4cloud Kunde AIM Elektronik

AIM Micro Systems GmbH must meet the highest requirements for its sensitive end products, from planning and production to storage. This is best achieved with the Cloud ERP SAP Business ByDesign. The demanding product world and the diverse, often customer-specific production variants can now be managed transparently and independently of location.

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